hello guys! Thanks for stopping by this small space of mine! ^^

As a short introduction, I’m Mabs, an avid foodie and italian dishes are my go-to for both bad and awesome days (:  Through this blog, I hope that I will be able to share with you guys my discoveries and knowledge about italian cuisine!

Well, some of you may ask why italian cuisne? Well, I guess it’s because italian dishes have their own unspoken stories and it is amazing how the natural flavours of the ingredients come together so well in each dish.

There are many aspects to italian cuisine and it is definitely a continuous journey of exploring and learning. As a start, I will be touching on pasta because this versatile dish has become a fusion food in many countries, especially Singapore. However, I’m specifically focusing my search on the cooking techniques to make a soulful dish of pasta. It is definitely a challenge as making a satisfying plate of pasta is multi-factorial, starting from the flour which you use to make the pasta to the freshness of the ingredients used.

So, I would love it if you, my dear reader, will join me in this wonderful journey filled with natural goodness. Stay tuned and talk to you soon!


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