Squid Ink Linguine & Octopus at Arteastiq, Mandarin Gallery [Food Finds]

Hey guys! I have decided to dedicate a small segment: Food Finds on this space, featuring the delicious Italian / Italian-fusion dishes encountered during my daily life. Italian Cuisine has become so widely accepted all over the world that restaurants have been serving some interesting creations. Also, this would allow me to share some hidden gems which I stumbled upon with you guys, ain’t that great <3

Before sharing the first gem that I found, I wish to say that all opinions are my own and no compensation was given. This space is to chronicle my journey in learning more about Italian food and perhaps give you readers an inspiration on the next dining place to check out!

So with that being said, let’s get the show on the road 😉


Arteastiq, a quaint boutique tea house, was introduced by a dear friend of mine in June last year and I have been going back to this place frequently. Apart from offering shoppers a peaceful respite in the midst of bustling downtown Orchard, it has an art jamming studio next door. Pretty cool huh, gotta book a slot for myself one of these days~ 

Apart from offering signature tea sets, Arteastiq has an all-day menu as well, which makes it an ideal place to head to anytime of the day! Despite meeting my friends at weird timings, I will always order the Squid Ink Linguine and Octopus because it is so damn good and just leaves me wanting for more.


This beautiful dish was assembled together with squid ink linguine, light butter saffron cream, sauteed spinach, grilled octopus and crusted salted egg yolk bits.

What is so interesting is the use of salted egg yolk, which is normally eaten with porridge in Singapore. However, it is slowly becoming a trend here to use it as a sauce or seasoning such as salted egg yolk crab and salted egg yolk fish skin crisps. In this dish, the salted egg yolk added texture and a savory oomph to the sauce.

Next, the grilled octopus totally blew me away because it was so tender! Normally, I would have to chew it a couple of times to get the flesh to break apart. However, Arteastiq has done such a good job with the grilling that the octopus meat was flavorful, chewy without the rubbery texture. 

The last point which made me give this dish such a big thumbs up was how evenly the cream sauce coated the noodles. The cooking temperature was controlled well such that the cream had a velvety texture and adhered to the noodles. The sauce to noodle ratio was just right and by the time I was finished, there was no leftover sauce on the plate! 

Overall, Arteastiq has succeeded in creating an Italian-Singapore fusion dish. The subtle use of salted egg yolk bits complemented the butter saffron cream well. 

Apart from having the linguine, I am always excited to try their tea selection because hey, this is a boutique tea house! Arteastiq really takes pride in their menu I would say. They have prepared specific cookies to complement the tea which you have ordered. My all time favorite is the Honey Lavender Tea!


This tea is served with sugared shortbread cookies (I think) and a small jar of honey at the side for you to add till your desired sweetness. What I love about this honey is that it is so light and not syrupy sweet like maple syrup! Definitely a good choice if you want to enjoy your meal with a relaxed mind~

Arteastiq has 2 outlets in Singapore and I honestly prefer the outlet in Mandarin Gallery because of it’s ambiance. Though a tad pricey, I would recommend it as a place to catch up with your babes, or even have a romantic meal with your other half. 


Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery Outlet)
Address: 333A Orchard Road, 04-14/15, S(238867)
Tel No.: 6235 8370
Website: https://www.arteastiq.com/
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri – 11AM to 10PM
                                Sat & Sun – 10AM to 10PM



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